A Recent Study Links Actemra To
Serious Side Effects And Even Death
in Denver, CO

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What Is Actemra?

Actemra® is an injection for adults with chronic inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA). It is made by Genentech/Roche and gained approval from the FDA in 2010. It has been taken by over 760,000 people and generated over $1.6 Billion in revenue making it Roche's fifth most profitable drug. According to a study released by Stat in June, 2017, researches linked Actemra to over 1100 deaths and found clear evidence that Actemra increases risk of hear attacks, strokes and heart failure among other serious side affects.

No Warning Label Despite Serious Side Effects

If a clear link has been found by researchers between those symptoms and Actemra, how is it possible that there were no warning labels that notified Actemra patients of the risks of the drug? Worse yet, after these findings, why hasn't the FDA or Roche taken action to provide warning to consumters? These are questions that victims of Actemra must get answers to and Attorney Juan "JR" Reyna will fight to get those answers and to obtain justice on your behalf.

How We Help Actemra Victims in Denver, CO

The J. Reyna Law Firm will help you by listening to circumstances of your case against Actemra. We'll ask the necessary questions and perform our dillegence to give you the best idea possible about how strong your case is. We'll give you realistic expectations regarding the outcome of your case in Denver, CO and answer any other questions you may have so that you have as much information as possible regarding your case.

If we represent you and your family, we'll leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice for your family all while keeping you in the loop with the details of your case.

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